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Mike Breyer is the CEO of Frogg1 Productions LLC located in Palm Springs, California.  Mike is an
Actor, Writer, Producer and Director with a taste for the creative.  Mike's first movie appearance
was in the 1992 Film "Thunderheart", which was filmed in South Dakota.

Mike has appeared in movies such as "Ed Wood", "S.F.W", "Prank" aka "Shoe Shine Boys",
"Skin Props" and his first leading role in 2009's "Dream State" as Jake.  Mike has also been
featured on Television shows such as "Picket Fences", "Players" and appeared on the stage in
the productions of "The Phantom of The Opera" as Dr. Debienne and as Michael in "Fame".

Mike Co-starred in the short film "Southern dysComfort" as Kennedy Gamble which wrapped
April, 2012 and co-starred in the sizzle reel for the feature film "FAKE" which wrapped May,
2013.  The feature film to "FAKE" is shooting March, 2015.  Mike stars again as the creepy Butler
Kennedy Gamble.  Mike starred as Robert Bynum DesChamps in "Lock Box" A dramatic comedy
about brothers, trust funds and dirty family secrets in 2014 as well as Steven in the short film

In addition, Mike played Tony in the feature film "The Remake" 2015.  Moreover, Mike stars and
directs in three movies filming in November 2015, March 2016 and September 2016.  The first is
"Insoculation" playing Anthony Joseph, "Gradation" as Lucrative Street and Henry Springs in
Cascade Rd filming in South Dakota.  Updates soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

Mike's Directorial debut "Koffee" June 2015, is now finished and can be viewed on the Koffee
tab.  Vimeo HD.  Thank you for stopping by!